It can be very frustrating to have a  'knowing' that you are not following your passion or purpose.


To feel dissatisfied with your life but not sure how to change it because you honestly just don't know what you want or what your purpose/passion is. 


Life can feel empty and purposeless when you are just drifting along hoping something will change. Hoping that one day you will just wake up and know.


I believe that to live in the hope that things will get better in the future, without consciously participating, is to live in a delusion.


The only time for transformation is NOW. You must actively pursue the answer to your questions.


If you fear the journey of discovering your true purpose or passion, then you fear change itself.


It is that fear that will paralyze you from ever moving toward discovering your true purpose or passion. 


As your coach, I guide you through any resistance, fear or self-doubt that often comes up when seeking out your true purpose or passion.  


Knowing what you want is only half the journey, the other half is finding the will to pursue it through the obstacles both external and internal is the other half.


I am there to guide and support you throughout your journey. To help you continue seeking your own answers from within. To help you understand the answers you seek are not outside you.


Ultimately, as your coach, I guide you to discover what it is to be your True Self. To be unafraid and uncritical of your true self. To just be you. 


This is freedom. This is limitless.


It is from this place you will discover your purpose or passion and have the will, confidence and wisdom to pursue it.


Elisha D'Agostino  Empowerment Coach

Certified Self-Actualized Coach & Mentor, ACC

Certified Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator,ACC

International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

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