Are you a Dreamer?

April 3, 2018


Let’s talk about you dreamers.


You know who you are.


You have grand ideas but never actually take the actions that would make any of them a reality.


You have a bad rap for being all talk, lazy, a procrastinator, etc.


I ask you to consider a different possibility…dreamers have blocks preventing them from achieving their goals and dreams. Blocks they are likely not even aware of. That’s the problem with blocks they are protected by blinders. You literally don’t know they are there and yet they have tremendous control over what you do and don’t pursue in your life.


Let me clarify what I mean when I say blocks and blinders. Blocks and blinders show up in various ways, let’s start with the most common BLOCKS I see:








Rapidly beating heart

Almost feeling paralyzed at the thought of following through with what you really want to do.


Now let’s look at BLINDERS.


Blinders keep you from being aware that you have blocks that are the culprit to you not pursuing your dreams. You are simply reacting to the blocks without really being aware they exist. Or if you happen to be aware that certain blocks exist your blinders are keeping you from seeing how to remove them.


A bit confusing, I know but bare with me.


So why do we have blocks and blinders? The simple answer is to keep us safe.


You see our subconscious mind has one job and that is to keep us safe and alive, so we can reproduce. Some call it the ‘monkey brain’. It operates our vital organs, our breathing, etc. and it also keeps record of our experiences. It has only two categories for our experiences SAFE and UNSAFE.


If you have had an experience that was perceived unsafe (pain, rejection or humiliation) it deems that experience unsafe and no variation is to be repeated.


How the subconscious mind keeps us safe from repeating a similar ‘unsafe’ experience is through the ‘Blocks’ I described above. The subconscious mind likes us operating in autopilot or with ‘blinders on’ just reacting to the blocks.


I won’t dive any deeper into your amazing subconscious mind in this article, but I will say that if you can learn to be present, you can see past the blinders, which allows you to challenge the blocks.


If you can get present or become aware of a block, stay with it and ask yourself:


Am I in danger in this present moment?

What might my subconscious mind be trying to keep me safe from?

Is it true?

Are there other possibilities?


By asking yourself these types of questions you are challenging the blo