"Elisha is an amazing coach. I love working with her she makes me feel like super woman grateful for her assistance 🙏🏿 Sometimes you just need a little help to get you to that next level and she’s the way to go! Thanks Bark for the suggestion perfect match."

Diana L

"I am so glad that I connected with Elisha through Bark.
I have found her coaching has helped me in so many aspects of my life, areas that I didn't realize were lacking.

I have learned skills to overcome my procrastinating habits and behaviours and have become much more assertive and focused.

Elisha is very personable, and I highly recommend connecting with Elisha if you are looking for a life coach- whether that be in your personal or professional life."



"Elisha is an exceptionally talented life coach and I highly recommend her services."

Jay T

"Elisha's coaching helped me find better balance between work and family life by creating better boundaries. Her coaching also helped me find my way forward through challenging work dynamic and start me on the path of developing better work habits.

She is organized, attentive, and to-the-point... in other words, all you should want from a professional coach. Well worth the investment and looking forward to further work with with."

Fabien G

"Working with Elisha as my empowerment coach is one of the best decisions I've ever made. She helped me identify areas in my thought life that weren't serving me well and were holding me back. 

She taught me the tools needed to recognize and change those thoughts so I can experience greater freedom in not only how I view myself but also in my life experiences. It was a truly empowering experience and I feel like she was able to help me in our time together what would have taken me years to do on my own. She is a lovely lady and I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering an empowerment coach."

Thank you so much Elisha !


"From working with Elisha, I found many roadblocks in both my personal and professional life I either didn't know about or if I did, didn't know how to change them. You know those "that's just the way I am" thoughts.


With Elisha's coaching, I now understand what was happening, what I was doing, and that has changed me forever. Working with Elisha is a defining moment in life. You just don't know what you can't see and Elisha's coaching turned on the lights. I now have a fuller, calmer life that I am in control of. If you're considering this program I would say go for it, if you do the work that is asked of you, you won't be disappointed."   

Rick B

"My son and I worked with Elisha in the bullied to brave program and it has changed the way we both look at how we react to outside influences on our feeling and thoughts. The program had a side effect which created a more open and understanding relationship with my son. How we talk and react to each other has definitely improved which has increased the communication."

Rick B

"Thank you Elisha for being a bright light in a world that can sometimes show a dark side."



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