Working with Elisha as my empowerment coach is one of the best decisions I've ever made. She helped me identify areas in my thought life that weren't serving me well and were holding me back. 
She taught me the tools needed to recognize and change those thoughts so I can experience greater freedom in not only how I view myself but also in my life experiences. It was a truly empowering experience and I feel like she was able to help me in our time together what would have taken me years to do on my own. She is a lovely lady and I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering an empowerment coach.
Thank you so much Elisha !


From working with Elisha, I found many roadblocks in both my personal and professional life I either didn't know about or if I did, didn't know how to change them. You know those "that's just the way I am" thoughts. With Elisha's coaching, I now understand what was happening, what I was doing, and that has changed me forever. Working with Elisha is a defining moment in life. You just don't know what you can't see and Elisha's coaching turned on the lights. I now have a fuller, calmer life that I am in control of. If you're considering this program I would say go for it, if you do the work that is asked of you, you won't be disappointed.   

Rick B

My son and I worked with Elisha in the bullied to brave program and it has changed the way we both look at how we react to outside influences on our feeling and thoughts. The program had a side effect which created a more open and understanding relationship with my son. How we talk and react to each other has definitely improved which has increased the communication.

Rick B

Elisha’s perception and experience with children is what initially attracted me to her when we became friends five years ago.  Her unambiguous or direct way of clarifying somewhat sensitive topics was refreshing and informative.  She possesses a balance of listening and understanding with a direct communication style. I have come away from many outings with Elisha with new perspectives, energy and optimism and I believe her clients will too! 

Alena B

Elisha D'Agostino is a talented and highly skilled life coach. She brings a wealth of expertise from her multi-faceted corporate and service background to the field of Life Coaching. Dedicated, hardworking and passionate about her work, Elisha is the kind of person you want on your team. 


She is a consummate professional; compassionate and caring with a deep desire to make a difference with children and teens in the realm of self-esteem and well being. Trustworthy, and always operating from full integrity, Elisha's passion for what she does is what sets her apart. 


Within a few minutes of sitting down with you, you will feel at ease. She listens deeply and knows all the right things to say and questions to ask without judgment; always ensuring a safe and caring space to do the work needed to help her clients.      

Pauline J

Thank you Elisha for being a bright light in a world that can sometimes show a dark side.  



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