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Be coached where you

Although I live on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley, the Internet has made it possible for me to help people from around the world!


Nearly all of my coaching is done on a video call or audio call. We all lead busy lives and trying to commute to appointments can add unnecessary stress to our day or may not even be possible. My clients thoroughly enjoy the one-on-one coaching sessions from the comfort of their home, garden or favourite coffee shop. 


During our coaching session, I create a safe emotional space, in which you can share your thoughts and struggles without worry of judgment or reaction. A space in which you can roam from perspective to perspective, incomplete thought to incomplete thought until it becomes a whole.  Creating a safe space for growth. Together we will uncover what it is you want to change/create in your life. Your new found clarity and direction will set the course for your journey and together we will continue forward. I will guide you along your desired path, empowering you to push forward, helping you remove any blocks and barriers along the way.


We will begin your journey where you are in life and move forward to what you want to be, do or have. You will not spend time sharing the past or worrying about the future but work in the present.  The present is the only place in which you can create what you want. The present is where possibility lives and thrives.  That's not to say the past won't come up, but we will not dwell there, instead, we will use it as a clue as to why you may be resisting what you want to create. We will observe any worries of the future in the same way. 

I do not give advice. I act as a guide helping you find clarity by helping you remove blinders and blocks that create the resistance (fear, anxiety, negative thoughts and worry) that are holding you back in life or in your career.  I use my training, experience, intuition, and ability to ask the 'right' questions to help you gain the clarity you seek. If clarity still eludes you, and you ask it of me, I will mentor from a place of lived experience. Should I not have the lived experience, we will look at other resources that may be helpful.

So many of us live in the past and/or the future  — the present is the only place you can create what you want.

Let me help you find your way to the present where everything is possible and fear and worry no longer stand in the way of the life you want.

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