About Elisha

Elisha D’Agostino is an Empowerment Coach who is passionate about partnering with individuals, executives and leaders to shift their mindset to see possibilities that were once thought impossible.   


She focuses on evolving and moving forward toward a client’s goals and helps her clients develop their strengths, talents, and potential.


Elisha uses her training, active listening, intuition, and insight to guide her questions that will most effectively help her client find clarity.


Elisha is fortunate to be able to coach people from around the world using an online video or phone. She believes coaching online is just as powerful as in person and is mindful of her ability to create a safe emotional space.


Space which allows her clients to roam from perspective to perspective, incomplete thought to incomplete thought until their thoughts come together and are whole. Here in lies the space for growth.



Elisha is a Certified Self-Actualized Life Coach & Mentor and a Certified Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator. She received her training through an accredited ICF approved school, at the Rayner Institute. She is also an ACC Accredited member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and strictly adheres to their Code of Ethics.


Elisha D'Agostino  Empowerment Coach

Certified Self-Actualized Coach & Mentor, ACC

Certified Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator,ACC

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Email: elishad@outlook.com

Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Tel: 250-650-7017

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