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Do you find yourself feeling stuck and unmotivated in your current role? Or perhaps you are unemployed at the moment trying to determine the right next step but don't know where to begin. 

In both scenarios I've created a 10-week journey that starts with a deep dive inner ward and ends with clarity, direction and an action plan to get you there. 

Sound good?

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We begin your journey with self-discovery, to help you identify and be able to articulate your happiness criteria, your values and your transferrable skills.

We spend time exploring and overcoming any limiting beliefs, assumptions and stories that need challenging and reframing in order to progress to the next steps.

We dive deeper in to what success means to you, as well as explore your self-worth, as you have likely attached it to various goals and desires.

Next, we begin to explore your purpose, identifying who you are naturally and exploring the jobs that will allow you to show up as you.

We also explore the money component, and ensure you are feel financially ready for the career move you want to pursue.

You will then begin putting together a master resume, master cover letter and begin applying for jobs that match your very clear criteria. You will also be better prepared to interview the employer to ensure they meet your happiness criteria.

Resume and cover letter review is included, as well as mock interview preparation.

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