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with disruptive reflections & curious questions

I have worked with many leaders, at varying levels of an organization. Whether they are seasoned pros or newly promoted I often see the similar patterns. Patterns that often lead to a blood sucking team instead of a thriving, capable and self-motivated team.

Let me share one example.


Many leaders seem to fall into the trap of either micro-managing or simply taking on more than they should. Feeling burnt out and not respected. In my experience, this is happening on a subconscious level and is typically about making themselves look good by having successful outcomes and/or making their team members look good. Which is still about them looking good for developing top performers. 

I often work with high achievers who are use to doing all the work and getting the recognition. It can be a challenging to shift from being responsible and in control of your work, to leading the project and trusting your team will do the work to meet the expectations of the stakeholders. They are often caught up in a storyline that goes something like, "if my team falls short I'll look incompetent".  What you are unintentionally doing is creating a team that doesn't believe themselves to be capable, or have given up trying because you continue to take over anyways, you lose buy in, and overall motivation and respect from your team. This is a lonely place to be and creates burnout.

I partner with my clients to identify what their career path goals are as well as their definition of a good leader is. I then challenge their thinking to see if there are other possibilities and pathways they may not of considered that may be more beneficial. Once we have established more clarity on how they might align their leadership with their goals we begin the work of identifying where they are already bringing their strengths into the equation and where they may need to develop a new way of thinking and showing up.  

I provide unlimited coaching, support, guidance and accountability for 12 months because in my experience those that are serious about committing to their own success and their teams success understand that like an athlete you don't just bring in a coach for one or two practices or games.


You partner with your coach to gain clarity on your goals, create action plans, execute those action plans with your coach by your side to hold you accountable and help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter along the way.


You don't send your coach packing when you have reached your goal, you regroup and decide on what the next level or goal is and how are you going to get there.

Successful people understand the importance of having an expert coach by their side at all times to challenge them, hold them accountable and keep them on target.

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