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Coaching Process

I take care to start where my clients are and to provide guidance and support toward their goals at the pace they both feel challenged and comfortable.

I do not lead my clients but instead, walk alongside them asking curious questions and offering my observations. 

Start Your 
coaching journey
We work together as partners, looking to identify and reframe any limiting beliefs, assumptions, and stories that may be holding you back from reaching your goal(s).

We will first work together to identify what we are working toward. I provide a coaching take-off to all my clients that gives them an opportunity to start looking deeper into what it is they want to achieve in their coaching journey.

It is important that we both understand the outcomes you are looking for so we properly identify what needs exploring within your coaching sessions.


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Goal Setting



Now that your goals have been identified, it's time to explore what is preventing you from taking the necessary actions to achieve them. 

Often there is more than one limiting belief, assumption, or story holding you captive and we want to note them all so we can begin the work of reframing and releasing them. 

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Overcoming Obstacles

As we work through what has shown up as a barrier to your success, we begin the work that needs to be done to overcome them one by one.

I offer a multitude of worksheets and tools to help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs and assumptions. I also support this process in our one-on-one coaching sessions.

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Action Plan

We co-create your action plan big picture, weekly, and daily. 

Action steps typically reflect what was discovered in a coaching session or a worksheet. It should simply feel like the logical next step toward your goal(s).

I act as an accountability partner for my clients and provide various accountability options based on my client's preferences. 

Coaching packages include a coaching portal, where all assignments and action steps are tracked with deadlines, reminders, and metrics.

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Enjoy Your Success

I am always thrilled be a part of my clients success! I am also excited to see my clients empowered to utilize the self-coaching skills I've taught them. Each of my clients is well equipped to continue their journey on their own, checking in as needed. Like going to the dentist twice a year to make sure your teeth are still healthy.


Consider this, your mindset determines what is possible in your life. Why wouldn't you check in for blind spots and barriers a few times a year! 

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Young Businesswomen
What my clients are saying about
their coaching experience...


"She is phenomenal!"

"I had an incredible journey to bettering myself with Elisha. She is phenomenal! Her willingness to listen and hold me accountable was so uplifting for me. She really does have your back and genuinely cares about her clients. I looked forward to our sessions. I highly recommend her. 5 stars does not due her justice she is a 10!!"

- Tracy

"It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to work with her more."

"Working with Elisha has been such a joyful journey. Through her coaching, I have been able to come to some realizations of deep beliefs about myself and I’ve learned things about myself that I never would have known had it not been for her coaching. Since working with Elisha, I’ve noticed my confidence is so much higher. I feel more secure within myself. I have more peace in my life. It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to work with her more."

- Michelle

"Elisha is fantastic, she really takes the time to listen to her client needs and helps guide them in that direction."

"Elisha is fantastic, she really takes the time to listen to her client needs and helps guide them in that direction. To be honest at first I was very skeptical about spending the money but it was well worth it. I actually got more out of one meeting with Elisha than I have in countless therapy sessions. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to take that next step in their field or take a new direction in their career."

- Rachelle

"Elisha is a fantastic coach."


"Elisha is a fantastic coach. I was hitting some obstacles in my career. Through working with Elisha, I became much more confident and gained a better sense of what I wanted from my career. In addition to broad career coaching, she also provided some excellent interview prep, which led me to getting an amazing job offer."

- Kyle

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