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Your Subconscious Mind Controls What Doors You May Or May Not Open...

You may believe that you have a say over your life, and that may be true, but for most people the truth is they have been walking around in autopilot wondering why they can't seem to achieve their dreams and desires. Many chalk it up to fate, luck, circumstances or that they just can't catch a break. What if I told you that your subconscious has been silently sabotaging your efforts and that it has been doing so to protect you.

Based on what I have learned, experienced and work with here's what I want to share with you about your amazing subconscious mind.

Your subconscious has one job, and that one job is to keep you alive or safe, so you can reproduce. It attends to every vital function in your body including your heartbeat, respiration, digestion, nervous system, blood circulation, breathing, kidneys, liver, etc. as well as your feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires, and ideas. It never stops working for you and it prefers you operating in autopilot reacting to it’s commands, so it can keep you safe.

Autopilot is great for the bodily functions. I personally like not having to think about breathing or having my heart beat.

However, thoughts and feelings being in autopilot is not so great. Your subconscious mind keeps a 'journal or log' of all of your experiences and there are only 2 log categories SAFE and UNSAFE. Everything you do or attempt to do must first filter through and get approved by your subconscious. You could say that all your present reactions are based on past experiences and if they were logged as SAFE you may go ahead but if they were logged UNSAFE your subconscious will not let you repeat that experience.

In a nutshell, here's how it works. It’s not just physical pain that it makes note of, rejection and humiliation trigger the same pain signals in the brain as physical pain and therefore the subconscious logs any experiences that involved rejection and humiliation as unsafe along with physical pain, and therefore no variation of that experience is to be repeated.

You can see how limiting this can make your life. If left in autopilot your subconscious is in charge, and you are left with some pretty limiting and untrue beliefs around what is safe and unsafe.

For example, perhaps you approached a group of children when you were in grade 2 and they rejected you and it caused you pain, your subconscious interprets that experience places it in the UNSAFE log and you may find you simply can't bring yourself to approach groups of people. That’s your subconscious at play, it wants to keep you safe, so it sends out all kind of signals and thoughts to keep you out of harms way. You may have thoughts like, “they don’t really want to hang out with me, better to just keep to myself” or “I don’t need friends, it’s better to just be on my own” or perhaps you are overcome with a nervous feeling, butterflies in your stomach, your heart pounding, or simply can’t seem to make your self move.

These thoughts and feelings come rushing in, as you consider approaching a group because your subconscious quickly recognizes the 'danger' based on it's UNSAFE log and is now making stuff up and replaying your original painful thoughts and feelings in an effort to keep you from potential harm. It's keeping you safe.

The problem is, not every situation is the same. Just because you were rejected and humiliated once in kindergarten doesn’t mean that all groups of people are going to reject you. Unfortunately, your subconscious doesn’t look at each scenario separately and you didn’t participate in deciding what the experience meant and placing it in the appropriate log. But this is a whole other article.

The good news is, there is a way to overrule and erase mistaken UNSAFE logs.

You must become aware of it’s presence.

By becoming aware of your subconscious and observing it, you immediately shift out of autopilot and gain the ability to have a choice.

Although this may make sense to you, and I hope it does, it is not as easy to do as you might think.

Your subconscious also works hard at keeping you in the dark.

It doesn’t want you removing things out of it’s log, how can it keep you safe if you alter its log.

No, your subconscious won’t give up it's log entries easily, this I can assure you. It is almost impossible to go up against it on your own, because it knows all your weaknesses and how to lock you out with blinders and blocks.

This is where a third person with a keen ear for subconscious beliefs is needed.

A skilled coach knows just how to bring down the blocks and barriers that your subconscious will have put up. Freeing you to find the limiting UNSAFE log entries. Only then can are you truly be free to pursue your dreams and desires with nothing holding you back.

So, the next time you really want to do, be or have something but you are paralyzed with fear, doubt, anxiety, negative thoughts, etc. it's time to go searching for the experience that has created a log deeming that action UNSAFE.

As a Certified Self-Actualized Coach & Mentor, ACC , I specialize in guiding people past their blinders and blocks so you may be free at last to live your life to it's fullest potential, contact me and together we'll seek your unsafe logs out, challenge their truth and remove them one by one.


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