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We all have limiting beliefs and assumptions that contribute to our current reality. 


Many of my clients can identify what they are and would say they know what they need to do or let go of to be rid of them, but are unsuccessful in their attempts.

Remaining stuck or feeling lost until finally they come to realize they need guidance and support to take the necessary steps. 


We all have blinders and blocks, myself included, that keep us from mucking around with what our subconscious mind has deemed unsafe and it is very good at distracting us from the task.


That's were I come in.

I act as a belief and assumption detective, if you will. I notice what you may or may never have noticed and share my observation for you to explore on a deeper level.


To challenge it, reframe it and perhaps even let it go.

One belief & assumption at time

The clients that are most successful in their coaching journey, are those that are willing to not have the answers right away when I ask a curious question. Those that are willing to let go of the logical answer and wait to see what answer arises within them. 

I provide a safe and confidential space to explore the inner whispers that are either ignored or drowned out by all the overthinking and negative self-talk going on in your head.

I offer my expertise in guiding you through quieting your mind, so your inner whispers may be heard and you can let go of all that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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